Honours Students 2019

(all with Elizabteh Schier @ CSU)

Reinier Bruijnooge “The role of cognitive biases relevant to delusional ideation, in explaining belief in conspiracy theory.”

Felicity Crome “An Investigation of Moral Judgement: Utilising Affectively Valenced Music to Alter Emotional Context.”

Carl-Joan Jagusch “The relationship between moral identity and moral injury: An exploratory study in the general population.”

Vicki Lloyd “Do our daily emotions impact our coping styles and life satisfaction?”

Christopher McCready “Where’s my hand?  Broad visual-attentional scope strengthens the rubber-hand illusion.”

Lewis Perkins “The Cognitive Attentional Syndrome, Metacognitive Model of Paranoia, and Paranoid Thinking.”

Shirley Wong “Is money the root of all evil? Mere exposure to money and its impacts on moral disengagement and unethical behaviour.”

Honours Students 2018

Peter M. Kahoun “The Effect of Compromising Executive Function in Theory of Mind Tasks” (co with Alexander De Foe) Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Ashley Stevens “Does #metoo change attitudes towards sexual harassment? Effects of identity and motivation.” (primary with Elizabeth Schier) Charles Sturt University

Colin Cobb “Ethically Ambiguous: A Study on Ethical and Moral Principles” (co with Elizabeth Schier) Charles Sturt University

Sophie Parkinson “‘Feeling with’ or ‘caring about’ others – how different aspects of trait empathy influence moral concerns and behaviour” (primary with Elizabeth Schier)

Honours Students 2017

Jemma Taylor “Attitudes of online news sources and the public towards perpetrators of filicide, neonaticide and infanticide in Australia” Charle Sturt University

Cassandra Grey “Confabulation and the Similarities to Introspection, and Pathway to Sense of Agency” Charles Sturt University

Past Ph.D Students

Stephane Savanah “The Threshold of Self-Consciousness” (Co) Macquarie University