(2019) The Feeling of Embodiment: A Case Study in Explaining ConsciousnessPalgrave Macmillan

  • ISBN 978-3-030-14166-0
  • ISBN 978-3-030-14167-7

Edited Volumes

w/Elizabeth Schier (2017) The Hard Problem of Consciousness SI of Topoi: An International Review of Philosophy 36(1):1-125

Refereed Articles

w/Sidney Carls-Diamante; Linus Huang; Melanie Rosen; and, Elizabeth Schier (in press- 2019) “How to Operationalise Consciousness” in Australian Journal of Psychology

w/Kristina Musholt (2018) “Ipseity at the intersection of phenomenology, psychiatry and philosophy of mind: Are we talking about the same thing?” in Review of Philosophy and Psychology 9(3): 689-701 publisher

(2018) “Confabulation or Experience? Implications of Out-of-Body Experiences for Theories of Consciousness” in Theory and Psychology 28(1): 122-140 publisher hard copy

w/ Xiaoqing Gao, Regine Zopf, Alicia Wilcox, and Rachel Robbins (2017) “The conceptual space explanation of the rubber hand illusion: first experimental tests’ in Psychology of Consciousness: Theory, Research and Practice 4(2): 161-175

w/ Elizabeth Schier (2017) “Introduction: The Hard Problem of Consciousness” in Topoi: An International Review of Philosophy 36(1):1-3

w/ Elizabeth Schier (2017) “Why are we still being Hornswoggled? Dissolving the Hard Problem of Consciousness” in Topoi: An International Review of Philosophy 36(1):67-79 hard copy published version

(2016) “Making sense of spousal revenge filicide” in Aggression and Violent Behavior 29: 30-35 published version

(2015) “A metacognitive model of the feeling of agency over bodily actions” in Psychology of Consciousness: Theory, Research and Practice 2(3): 210-221 hard copy; publisher

(2015) “Difficulties for extending Wegner and colleagues’ model of the sense of agency to deficits in delusions of alien control” in Avant: Trends in Interdisciplinary Studies V(3)

(2015) “Who am I in Out of Body Experiences? Implications from OBEs for the explanandum of a theory of self-consciousness” in Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 14:183-197 DOI 10.1007/s11097-013-9332-0 hard copy published version

(2014) “What makes us conscious of our own agency? And why the conscious versus unconscious distinction matters” in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 8:434 doi: 10.3389/fnhum.2014.00434

(2014) “Un modello metacognitivo del senso di agentività per le azioni corporee.” In: Massimo Marraffa and Fausto Carauna eds: SISTEMI INTELLIGENTI 26(1) pp. 57-78

(2013) “Toward a Cognitive Model of the Sense of Embodiment in a (Rubber) Hand” in Journal of Consciousness Studies 20(3-4) pp. 33-60 publisher hard copy

(2012) “A Metacognitive Model of the Sense of Agency over Thoughts” in Cognitive Neuropsychiatry 17(4) pp.291-314 DOI: 10.1080/13546805.2011.627275; hard copy; a very important notice on this paper

I’ve put up some review material from this paper which had to be cut for length

(2012) “The Case for the Comparator Model as an Explanation of the Sense of Agency and its Breakdowns” in Consciousness and Cognition 21(1) pp.30-45; DOI:10.1016/j.concog.2010.08.005; hard copy;

you should also read Gottfried and Matthis’ reply in the same issue.

(2010) “A Problem for Wegner and Colleagues’ Model of the Sense of Agency” in Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 9(3) pp.341-357; DOI:10.1007/s11097-010-9150-6; hard copy

(2010) “A Comparison of Fortunes: the Comparator and Multifactorial weighting Models of the Sense of Agency” in Christensen, Schier and Sutton eds Proceedings of the Australasian Society for Cognitive Science online copy

(2009) “Commentary on Synofzik, Vosgerau and Newen 2008” in Consciousness and Cognition 18(2) pp.515-520; DOI:10.1016/j.concog.2008.05.006; hard copy

(2009) “Is the Body Schema Sufficient for the Sense of Embodiment? An Alternative to de Vignemont’s Model” in Philosophical Psychology 22(2) pp.123-142; DOI:10.1080/09515080902802785; hard copy

(2008) “Reply to Tsakiris and Fotopoulou ‘Is my body the sum of online and offline body representations'” in Consciousness and Cognition 17 pp..1321-1323; DOI:10.1016/j.concog.2008.07.008; hard copy

(2008) “Types of Body Representation and the Sense of Embodiment” in Consciousness and Cognition 17 pp.1302-1316; DOI:10.1016/j.concog.2008.02.001; hard copy

(2007) “A Model of the Synchronic Self” in Consciousness and Cognition 16 pp.533-550

Book Reviews

(2015) “Booth, Anthony Robert and Darrell P. Rowbottom (eds.), Intuitions, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014, pp. ix + 289, £40 (hardback).” in The Australasian Journal of Philosophy DOI: 10.1080/00048402.2015.1029501

(2014) “The Cambridge handbook of Cognitive Science — Keith Frankish and William Ramsey” in Philosophy in Review 34(1-2)

(2013) “The Conscious Brain- Jesse Prinz” in Metapsychology 17(26)

(2013) “Foundations of Metacognition- Beran, Michael J; Brandl, Johannes L; Perner, Josef, Proust Joëlle eds” in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

(2012) “Review: Rationality + Consciousness = Free Will- David Hodgson in Metapsychology 16(43)

(2012) “Review: The Wonder of Consciousness; Understanding the Mind through Philosophical Reflection- Harold Langsam” in Metapsychology 16(14)

(2011) “The Nature of Representation and the Experience of Oneself: a Critical Notice on Gottfried Vosgerau’s Mental Representation and Self-Consciousness” in Philosophical Psychology 24(3) pp.411-425; DOI:10.1080/09515089.2011.563541; hard copy

Conference Notes

Carruthers, Glenn; Gutwinski, Stefan; Kuhlen, Anna; Landgraf, Steffen; Meshi, Dar; Steimke, Rosa and Voelkl, Bernhard (2010) “Interacting Minds: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Social Cognition” in The Reasoner 4(12) pp.179-180

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