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I am currently serving as the communications officer for the Australasian Society for Cognitive Science


I am a Cognitive Scientist/Theoretical Psychologist with interests in consciousness (especially self-consciousness), psychopathology and moral change. I have recently taken up a Lectureship in Psychology at the brand new Port Macquarie Campus of Charles Sturt University.

My research focus to date has been on naturalistic approaches to the study of consciousness. My main aim has been to provide explanations of particular experiences of the self (such as the experience of one’s own agency) as case studies in consciousness. This included a project testing a hypothesis as to how the sense of embodiment is elicited in the rubber hand illusion (with Rachel Robbins, Regine Zopf, Alicia Wilcox and Xiaoqing Gao). I have also published work on aspects of psychopathology, including in a forensic context. In addition I have projects underway investigating agency in the crime of filicide, sexism in stereotypes of parenting (with Neha Khetrapal and Nic Badcock), attempts to naturalise Phenomenological approaches to self-consciousness (with Kristina Musholt) and theories of consciousness (with Elizabeth Schier). I’ve recently started a project examining how groups change their moral beliefs and behaviours.

I was supervising one graduate student Stef Savanah who is also working on self-consciousness. Congratulations on completing Stef!

I am stoked that Sonjay Dutt is finally X-division champ.